Approach – The Navy & Marine Corps Aviation Safety Magazine – March – April 2010

Mar-Apr10-ApproachApproach – The Navy & Marine Corps Aviation Safety Magazine – March – April 2010

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Articles include:

For LSOs embarked at sea, no other phrase elicits more apprehension as these four words: Paddles to the platform! This 1MC announcement means an aircraft from the previous launch is returning early because of a minor malfunction, or the landing
signal officer (LSO) team responsible for that day’s recoveries had spent too much time jacking around and is late for the next recovery.

Carrier Landing in bad weather “ About five seconds before touchdown, my jet descended out of the fog and the ship appeared in front of me.”

Night Aircraft Carrier Approaches

Flight preparation consists of hours of studying,  pouring over publications, procedures, performance, and tactics. Yet, do we have the right priorities when we fly? A lot of energy is invested in the mission objectives
and conduct of the flight. However, one of those fundamental regimes of flight, which demands persistent
execution of the basics, and many times not  given needed emphasis, is landings.

Carrier Aviation 101:A Layman’s Guide to Day Ops Around the Ship

HELICOPTER LANDINGS—Techniques and Problems


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